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 “We”, “us” and “our” refer to the SIFLY Ltd. Company. 

 “Website” or “webstore” refer to www.sifly.global. 

When you purchase or preorder a product, you agree to buy it and we agree to sell it under the rules of this Terms of Service. 

Payments are accepted with credit/debit cards or bank transfers. Preorder When an item from our shop is not in stock but will be available soon, it can be preordered. To do that, 50% of the item price has to be paid upfront. We have to deliver the preordered items within 70 days of the initial payment. The buyer will be notified when the products are ready to ship and will be given 7 days’ time to pay the balance of the order. Additionally, up to further 20 days shipping delay are to be allowed. Before the period of 90 days ends, the client is not viable for a refund. After the period of 90 days from preorder placement, the client is entitled to a full refund, if he wishes to cancel his order. 

The shipping rate is standard: 300 Euro within Europe and 600 Euro for the rest of the world. The transport type is land or water. Per client’s request individual shipping solutions can be reached.

Items in stock will be shipped within 7 days of the order. Preordered items will shipped within 7 days of receipt of the whole sum for the order. 

14 days return period 
Clients making orders within the EU are entitled to return a product bought through our website, within 14 days of the delivery date, without specifying a reason. The product cannot be used or have any marks of use and must be packed properly preferably in the original package. The shipping expenses have to be covered by the client. If any damage is found on the product when it arrives at our office, we have the right to reduce the price to be refunded, to cover for it. We are obliged to return the client’s money within 14 days of the product receipt. 

Our products come with a 2 year limited warranty from the date of delivery against defects arising from faulty materials or workmanship in the normal use of the products. Warranty claims can only be made by the original owner (buyer) of a product. When a valid warranty claim is made we can fulfil it with one of the following options: supply you with a replacement product (in the case of a part, a replacement of the relevant part which is defective) free of charge in the same quantity as was initially purchased; repair the defective product; or pay for the cost of repairing the product or supplying the replacement product. 

This Warranty does not cover: 
- damage caused by maltreatment, vandalism, interference and neglect from the Delivery Date; 
- damage resulting from use that does not follow the care and maintenance conditions provided by SiFly; 
- damage resulting from maintenance that is not in accordance or compliance with the SiFly maintenance procedure; 
- damage caused by the use of accessories that are not manufactured or otherwise approved by SiFly; a product in which any kind of seal is broken; damage resulting from use of the product for which it is not designed; 
- a product that has been modified or repaired by someone other than by SiFly or a person authorised by us to do so; 
- personal injury, death, property damage or economic loss, however caused; 
- Warranty claims made outside two (2) months from when you became aware of the defect or material damage or from when a reasonable person should have become aware of the defect or material damage;  
damage caused by or resulting from normal wear and tear, negligent use, wilful misconduct or malicious or improper use, including but not limited to errors or omissions made by you or another person using the product, use in unsafe locations, and/or use in unsafe conditions, such as inclement weather or otherwise not in accordance with the product manual(s) and/or instructions provided with the product. 

Warranty claims should be made at the following email: hello@sifly.global. Prepare your invoice number, a good description of the faulty product, as well as some visual materials for clarification.

Last modification date: July 6, 2021 

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