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Mast Length

+ 100,00 €

The shorter mast makes learning easier, while the longer one gives you maximum freedom of movement and allows you to lean more aggressively into turns.


+ 0,00 €

The Cruiser 1900 front wing + CR340 stabiliser set provides maximum stability and the lowest foiling speeds, making it ideal for learning. The Cruiser 1300 front wing + CR300 stabiliser set is a faster, more versatile combo for advanced riders who want more adrenaline.

Your SiFly Board


Top speed

up to 45 km/h

Est ride time

120 min

Ease of Use




Board weight

15 kg / 26 lbs


190 x 78 cm / 6’2“


102,00 €

Standard Inclusions

- SiFly Remote Controller

- RC Wireless Charger
- SiFly PowerCell LR
- Smart Charger

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